Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Blog is Back

Wow, I can't believe it is back. No posts since February, I really should be divorced, dumped, forgotten about but no like a true stalker i am back.

So what's new? A few things, I am embarked on a weight loss journey (which isn't going so well so don't ask), I cancelled two overseas holidays, Kevin Rudd and the State Govt are still fucked, MJ died and more importantly i am looking for a house.

House hunting... I hate everything about it. There is really not one component of the whole process I enjoy. the wasted weekends, the over priced properties, the hopeless real estate agents, it causes fights with your loved ones, leaving your details etc etc etc.

It seems that everyone had a brain fart and thought the $14,000 first home buyers grant meant you could spend $50k over what you could afford.

Can't someone just turn up at my front door with a set of keys and says "I've found you a house, it is in your price range, exactly what you want, all ready for you to move in." Life is never that easy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nightmare On Murdocca Street...

Ever have one of those days when you feel like the world is against you? Well, that

It all started with a struggle out of bed, an hour training session then being late for work. To follow, I added something to our work server (out of the goodness of my heart) only to receive and email stating that I had breached policies and it needed to be removed ASAP.
Then parking inspectors out on a power trip marked my car, and the only spot I could find within a 5km radius of work, was actually 5kms away. I had a headache.

After a 20min presentation by a media owner who read off the presentation pretty much word for word, I really was starting to feel that it was all going down hill...

An afternoon meeting with a client with a bulging headache to brainstorm something I knew nothing about, with people speaking a language I did not understand topped it off. After not even being offered a glass of water I almost had to lay by the powerade I bought, scrounging around for the $4.50 the convenience store was charging. I almost said, and no word of a lie "you should be ashamed of yourself."

Parking police were out again, but I saw an all day spot - started running over to get the car only to find I a) hadn't put the brake on and b) it was still in drive.

Back in office looking for Panadol. Panadol found. Tried to get the panadol out of the box another story, after shaking it profusely, it fell behind the filing cabinet.

I can pretty much guarentee that today I have wasted 6 hours of my life, never to be seen again. But you know, just when you think you have it bad you do realise there are people out there worse than you.

Check this out... Yes, it is in dutch, but in short the chat show is about medical procedures gone wrong. One poor girl woke up from an operation and couldn't walk and one poor guy accidently had his balls cut off... Apparently the host was fired after.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just Dance, It'll Be Ok...

I've never been at one with the rave party. Just really wasn't ever my thing. Don't get me wrong, I like dance music but haven't ever really been to a dedicated dance party until the weekend...

I was with three girlfriends down in Melbourne on the weekend, when one convinced us to go to Betterdaze at Carousel in Albert Park. It started at 1, and thank god we didn't get there till 5pm. After an hour of watching people dance like idiots, girls dressed like they work at Coyote Ugly and boys in muscle singlets, I was thinking to myself "Fuck a duck, another 6 hours of this... I'm not sure I can cope."

But then something happened... maybe it was the million red bulls we drank, or the pack of cigarettes we smoked but I found myself heading to the dance floor. We owned that dance floor, busting out moves I actually didn't even know I had, one in particular and I even named it -"gyration for the nation." It involves a strut followed by intense thrusts of the hips, coupled with choreographed hand placement.

Then it dawned on me, I was now one of these idiots and loving it.

We ended up having THE BEST time, dancing till midnight, watching random hook ups, including one of the girls who kissed a guy we called BB (bad breath, he had somehow forgotten to eat which resulted in a severe case of halatious).

These are the rules I recommend living your life by... Don't judge anyone until you know their story and dance like no one is watching. Idiots really do have more fun.

P.s what is it with siblings thinking that because they bought the card then they don't need to contribute to a present?? PETER?

Friday, January 9, 2009

What a Whopper...

It surprises me how much information people will put on Stalkbook. To date, I have learnt many things... My cousin and her boyfriend broke up, a "friend" got engaged in Fiji, Marc washes his hair on a Thursday, Jenny can't cope blah blah blah...

From my previous posts you may have read about the Sunday Night eviction I am holding on Facebook to remove "friends" that aren't really my friends.

Well, so far only one has been removed - but believe me there are plenty more to come, especially after this was sent to me. Burger King has come up with the most ingenious plan, see below link.

This is basically is a program you download, remove 10 friends and you are rewarded with a free Whopper! So far 12,070 people have been sacrificed which leads me to believe that given the choice if you had to cut me as a friend for a whopper - you would. No questions asked. "Remove friend" Hello burger goodness.
Let's face it, that burger will probably give you more satisfaction in the 20 secs it takes to eat it than someone sitting in your friends list.

At the moment it is only open to US residents but Come On Australia! - Burger King/Hungry Jacks or whatever you are called now get your act together and let me be rewarded for ditching friends.

Social Marketing at its best I say...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its Off To The Shops We Go...

Not sure if you realised but Christmas is over... time to take down the tree and remove those hideous lights that you have covering your house. Time to reflect on what a wonderful life we have and what a great day was shared in the sun with family and friends. Time to hit the sales...

I love shopping, I love everything about it but was it just me, or did anyone else notice most of the shops had things on sale before Christmas?! What a disappointment. I guess the old GFC (global financial crisis) is hitting everything. If Kevin Rudd wanted to boost the economy he should have given that $1,000 to every 23-28 year old women, because god knows I would have dropped that in about 30 secs. But seriously, I feel like everything is in crisis these days... financial crisis, employment crisis, housing crisis. Why now, does the world have to deny me of a good sale and put me in a bargain crisis!?

I had to quench my shopping thirst so made the mistake of heading out to DFO yesterday. After spending 1.5 hours trying to get into the Oroton store, something dawned on me - I am over it?? I am over the thrill of having something reduced from $295, down to $150 only to have 50% knocked off again at the cash register? Well after being elbowed by an Asian woman I was seriously starting to think so.
After getting out of there I was driving home when i noticed a little shoe shop in Mosman. And after walking out with the cutest pair of flats for $30, I knew that fire was still in me.

I've always said, people who say money can't buy you happiness clearly doesn't know where to shop.
2009 people, keep your heads up high, and when your down... just dance

Monday, December 22, 2008

All I Want for Christmas Is Food...

My favourite Christmas song in the whole wide world is Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You." I have been playing it every morning to get the office in the festive spirit. Not sure it is working, as I have already had complaints.
Ahh Christmas... Every year we say "I can't believe it is Christmas already" - well believe it.
But is it sad that the thing I am most looking forward to this Christmas is food? Honestly, I have now been dreaming about it for 2 days.

I remember one Christmas Eve my brother woke up and saw "Santa" visiting our place delivering our new bikes. I believed that story for years and years. That was the highlight of my childhood and the story that was told over and over again every year. Then something happened... I realised opening presents and taking about Santa were just time wasting tactics designed to distract your stomach from the wondrous, amazing taste sensation that was about to hit your lips.

I'm half Italian, half Greek and from my experience, a wog's worst nightmare is people being hungry. You've just eaten dinner but still "Are you hungry, want me to make you something else, come on I'll put on a sauce etc etc etc etc"
So needless to say, Christmas Day for my family revolves around eating. If we aren't eating, we are cooking, if we are not cooking we are talking about what we are going to eat. And I love it.

We often get too caught up in the commercialisation of Christmas, but for me sitting around with a plate full of food, a good glass of wine, family and friends - it just doesn't get better.

You know what is even better than Christmas food... knowing you will be eating leftovers for the next four days. Yessssssssssssssssssss

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who needs friends when you have Facebook?

I'm having a Carrie Bradshaw, Sex in the City moment. Don't worry I'm not going to sit near my window with a cigarette and ask myself rhetorical questions, no my Sex in the City moment revolves around friends.

Facebook, facebook, facebook... or as I like to call it Stalkbook. Who doesn't enjoy a Stalkbook session of going through people's photos, reading their wall and checking status updates. It seems that people love to self promote, tell people what they are having for dinner, how drunk they were, how hungover they are etc etc etc etc.

I have over 300 "friends" on Stalkbook... but really how many are actually my friends. People I went to school with 15 years ago and random people who I met on Saturday night just don't cut it.
So now I have invested my time in what I like to the Sunday Night Eviction. Slowly and surely, one by one cutting "friends" off the list. Cause heaven forbid one of these friends find out they are no longer on my list.

It seems that privacy has flown out the window. And social conversation now involves words such as "tagging" and "OMG, profile pic!". When you meet people, its not "what's your number" anymore, more like - "Do you have Facebook?". It seems nobody actually likes to talk to anyone anymore. First it was the phone, then the fax, then slowly the mobile, text message, email and now social networking. Its like people are avoiding each other.

A few of my "real" friends are cutting Facebook out of their lives... how on earth will they know what's going on in the world????